Galliarde – The innovative tableware series – Figure Set 1

with Galliarde, the innovative plates series of… Read more…

Galliard – The innovative tableware series – Figure Set 2

The pluggable figures for the Galliarde … Read more…

Enjoyment for all the senses

You’ll be surprised of the innovation created by combining traditional porcelain production with modern manufacturing techniques!

Galliarde wooden box

Galliarde, a service for almost all occasions,
customized according to your needs and individual taste in a matter of seconds. Whether decorated with festive roses, romantic with birds or with practical features like salt and pepper shakers, with its attachable figures this service offers you a multitude of variations. – (Galliarde Details – Overview)

On request our Galliardes are
also available in a decorative wooden box. (see photo on the right)
You can find a complete overview of all the Galliardes here