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Tea is the most popular drink in the world. Each year, about 3 million tons are produced all over the world.
However, it is a myth that the English drink the most tea in Europe.
With about 3 kilograms per capita per year, the Irish drink more tea than any other nation in Europe. By international comparison England ranks only on seventh place, even East Frisia lies ahead of the English, in third place in the world rankings. It is clear that they also lead the field in Germany. After all, they drink about 10 times as much tea as the rest of the Republic.
A Chinese saying goes … One drinks the tea to forget the noise of the world.
The East Frisians however just say … ofwachten un tee drinken (wait and see)

East Frisian Tea Culture – Tea Ceremony

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East Frisian tea ceremony with Giesela Buss
Recording SWR “coffee or tea” 02.05.2007

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