Historic bottom marks – Dating

The various porcelain bottom marks, applied in blue under-glaze painting mainly as a „W“ on the on the bottom oft he vessel, reflect the tumultuous history oft the porcelain manufactory and are clues to date the crockery items.

Since the founding of the Wallendorfer porcelain manufactory in the year of 1764 the bottom marks on the products have changed according to the changes in ownership oft the manufactory. In 2006 the present-day mark was introduced, a „W“, beneath a cross-ornamented crown and the founding year 1764.

To make one brief point about the dating oft he bottom marks: the indication oft two dates, the 1763 (founding oft he company and the construction oft he company building) and 1764 (date of the licensing) led to some confusing bottom marks over the years, which displayed either 1763 or 1764. The explanation for this is actually quite simple: For years it has been argued that the construction oft he company building of „Hammann & Greiner“ was already financed through this corporation and therefore must be considered as the official founding year. With the introduction of a new brand in 1960 that still displayed the founding year 1763, the discussion on the topic sparked once more.
Since the bicentenary oft he manufactory was about to take place and was asked to be precisely dated, an independent commission finally clarified in 1962 that, according to the laws of that time, the porcelain production would have been considered as unlawful until the issuing of the licence.
Finally it was agreed that the official founding of the manufactory was in 1764 even if the founding corporation already existed. Thus, since 1963 the Wallendorfer porcelain manufactory exclusively uses the date “1764” for its signatures and bottom marks.