Manufactory's History

240 years of colourful manufactory’s history – Introduction

Heubach & Kämpfe AG – share at the fair in Leipzig

About fifty years after the invention of porcelain by Ehrenfried Walther von Tschirnhaus and Johann Friedrich Böttger, Johann Wolfgang Hammann from Katzhütte requested a concession grant for porcelain manufacturing at the royal court of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt.
But only three days ago the licence was exclusively given to Heinrich Macheleid from Sitzendorf, therefore Hammann’s request was rejected.
However, Johann Wolfgang Hammann was not willing to give up his dream of producing the “white gold” so easily. One year later, in Katzhütte, his first firing of hard-paste porcelain was successful.

Only another year later, now being “Baron of Hohenthalsche”, he purchased the manor in Wallendorf on the territory of the duchy of Sachsen-Coburg-Saalfeld.
After he received the concession grant to manufacture porcelain by the duke of Sachsen-Coburg on March 30th 1764, Wolfgang Hammann jointly founded the Porcelain Manufactory Wallendorf together with his son as well as the glass painter Gottfried Greiner and his cousin Gotthelf Greiner.
The Wallendorfer porcelain was originally manufactured from raw materials of the surrounding region, therefore the body used to be unclean and tinted. But as from 1780 they were able to successfully fire pure white bodies by obtaining and utilising bohemian kaolin. So, in 1793 Wilhelm Martius said about the Wallendeorfer porcelain: “It is dazzling white finely ground and so hard that it can strike sparks with steel.”
Until 1833 the manufactory has been family-owned by the Hamann’s, followed by years of change in which it was in the hands of various owners, who are still well-known for tradition and quality: Hutschenreuther, Kämpfe, Sonntag, Heubach, Fraureuth and Schaubach.
If nothing else, the long line of owners and the economic ups and downs manifest itself in the multitude of different base stamps, which have been quite similar to the Meissner trademark at times. This led to several dissuasions by the electoral Saxon regional authorities.
The current trademark (W), beneath a cross ornamented crown and the founding year 1764, was finally introduced 200 years after the founding of the Wallendorf Porcelain Manufactory.

Maria Bianka Hammann – 1804 until 1862
Kämpfe & Heubach AG / Fraureuth Porzellan – 1897 until 1928
Heinz Schaubach – Wallendorfer Porzellan – 1928 until 1953